Ignis, State Forest, Barefoot Young


State Forest

Barefoot Young

Tue 7.2.19

8:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

Ignis is a two piece rock band from Albany, New York. Composed of multi-instrumentalists, Colby and Tristan Beach, they are taking on the world, making music forever.
State Forest
State Forest is an ambient loud indie rock trio from Boston. We released an EP on Bandcamp and Spotify (under the same name). Currently finishing recording our first LP.
Barefoot Young
Barefoot Young
Barefoot Young is a Boston based band consisting of Derek Bolivar (Vocals and Bass), Ian Howard
(Guitar) and Ben Taylor (Drums). These fellas have been writing and playing music since they were 12
years old. Through the growing pains of metal and funk, Barefoot Young has landed on a style that
consists of Rock, Alternative and Neo-Soul. Think about this...if Cage The Elephant, Sticky Fingers
and Tame Impala were each a drop of sweat dripping down your back, Barefoot Young is the tongue to
lick it up. Yeah, think about it. Needless to say, the BFY crew is out to have fun and wish you all the
best if you’re trying not to tap your set of Vans while listening.
Venue Information:
O'Brien's Pub
3 Harvard Ave
Boston, MA, 02134