Castle, Wolfsmyth, Concilium

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Sun 4.28.19

8:00 pm


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This event is 18 and over

Taking the name Castle from his original concept of building a "Castle of the Mind", guitarist and songwriter Mat Davis has drawn on the heavy sound history of his native San Francisco to write an album that smashes the modern metal mold with thrash velocity, scorching psyched-out riffs, thunderous drumming and literate occultism on this 11-song, 44-minute debut.
Adding to the atmosphere of majestic doom, Elizabeth Blackwell's haunted, full-blooded vocals are electric witch hymns of death and madness that adapt lyrics from luminaries such as William Blake and Charles Baudelaire.

Rounding out the power trio, drummer Al McCartney balances bombastic and technical with brutal precision.

Line Up:
Mat Davis - guitar
Al McCartney - drums
Elizabeth Blackwell - vocals, bass
If Patrick Swayze had a dinner party and the only guest was Burt Reynolds, the only dish served was motor oil in a bread bowl, and desert was a kiss on the lips...that is WOLFSMYTH.
Venue Information:
O'Brien's Pub
3 Harvard Ave
Boston, MA, 02134