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Gabby's World


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Gabby's World
Gabby's World
Gabby’s World is the music and lyrical world-building project of Gabrielle Smith. Smith
began making music in 2007, constructing songs and ambient soundscapes out of
experimental aural building blocks. Over the years, Smith’s songwriting has matured,
focusing in on her interest in folk melodic and lyrical traditions while also developing a
keen pop sensibility. The resulting music, showcased in albums like 2015’s O.K. ,
carefully treads the dynamic lines between expansiveness and intimacy, with a sound
defined by emotional urgency and upbeat pop danceability. Lyrically, Smith's songs are
baroque, drawing from themes more in line with the romantic poets than with
contemporary pop songwriters. Smith’s newest musical pseudonym Gabby’s World
emerges after an extended hiatus and hibernation period in which Smith reevaluated
many of her values and ideas about art. Beast on Beast , the first album under the name
Gabby’s World, deepens and complicates the stakes of Smith’s work even further, and
will be released in late 2018.
Beast on Beast was recorded live in summer 2017 at Gravesend Studios in Brooklyn,
the studio space in the since closed Silent Barn DIY venue. Engineered and mixed by
Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader of the Brooklyn art-rock band Ava Luna, the album
captures the energetic live sound Smith has honed over the years with her band, a
group of three accomplished songwriters of their own right: Oliver Kalb of Bellows, Felix
Walworth of Told Slant, and Jack Greenleaf of Sharpless. The album showcases the
energy and musical communication of the live band while simultaneously showcasing
Smith's skill as a string and harmony arranger, featuring layered and complex violin
sections and choral harmony singing that evoke a full orchestra underlining and
bolstering the band's kinetic immediacy. Smith and Kalb produced the album over the
course of fall 2017, adding layers of guitar noise and vocal harmonies, string and choral
arrangements, and many musical contributions from friends, including Yoni Wolf of
WHY?, Greta Kline of Frankie Cosmos, Luke Jenner of The Rapture, and Alex Bleeker
of Real Estate.
Yowler is centered around the songwriting of Maryn Jones, who comes from many places but currently lives in Columbus, Ohio. While spending most of her time fronting the energetic and pop-driven rock outfit All Dogs and touring as a multi-instrumentalist in the indie/psych-folk collective Saintseneca, Jones uses Yowler as an outlet to write and record songs from home in the quieter, more solitary parts of the year. Her debut effort, The Offer, was released in March of 2015 on Brooklyn-based label Double Double Whammy. On The Offer, Jones uses distant sounding guitars, heavily effected synths, and bell-like vocals layered with wispy harmonies to paint a picture of a vast somberness and self-reflection. The song are below-the-surface ruminations about the things we don’t always know how to talk about to each other.
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