Boarcorpse, Bacterial Husk, Leukorrhea, Immobilizer


Bacterial Husk



Wed 8.8.18

8:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

BOARCORPSE is a metal band from Boston, formed at the end of 2008, mixing elements of death, thrash and black in a mathy style that doesn’t fall short on energetic grooves... or bacon.
Bacterial Husk
Bacterial Husk
Bacterial Husk formed in Boston, MA in November 2015 with the intention of creating gross death/thrash.
Leukorrhea's style is a hybrid of ultra-violent technical Death/Grind.

In late August of 2000, Adam, Nate and Mike met through mutual friends and started jamming. Having completed their first song ``Humanity's Victim`` at the first practice they decided that it would be cool to pursue their music more and began the search for a complete line-up. Leukorrhea was born!

Adam approached a friend he had jammed with before, so Bob was added to the band. After two months without a bassist, Nick joined the Leukorrhea camp. With three song's previously written before Nick joined, they started writing material as a complete unit.

In December 2000 they released a very rough 3-song demo titled ``Hymns Of The Rotting``. Although the quality was very low the demo was reviewed positively in zines/webzines.

In May of 2001 Leukorrhea was approached by Bill Smith of Forever Underground Records and came upon a record deal to release the debut CD. They also appeared at Milwaukee Metalfest, where their disc was released.

In August of 2001 the debut CD ``Hatefucked And Tortured`` was released on Forever Underground Records. Containing 9 tracks of violence laden Death Metal, the CD has been well received since its release.

Right before their first tour, Adam Ford decided that he didn't want to tour. Rather than not go, they decided as a band that it was important to do this, with or without Adam. Due to miscommunication and the fact the dedication didn't seem to be there anymore, Adam was no longer a part of Leukorrhea.

Almost right after Adam departed, they were called by Ron Greene (ex-Vital Remains guitarist) and he said he wanted to join.

Current line-up
Rob Brown - Guitar
Nate DeMontigny - Vocals
Allen Florentine - Bass
Ron Greene - Guitar
Mike McPherson - Drums

Former/past member(s)
Steve "Fishcakes" Diaz - Guitar
Adam Ford - Guitar (2000-2002)
Bob - Bass (2000-2001)
James - Bass
Lucas - Bass
Damian Malgeri - Bass (2001-2002)
Bob Morse - Guitar (2000-2002)
Nick - Bass
Anthony Paulini - Guitar

Additional notes
Leukorrhea is a white-ish, somewhat thick discharge from the vagina. Normally, vaginal discharge occurs intermittently throughout the menstrual cycle, with a somewhat greater than usual amount during pregnancy. Constant leukorrhea, a change in its consistency, or a greater discharge than usual may be signs of a vaginal or uterine infection, a tumor, or various other gynecological disorders.
Venue Information:
O'Brien's Pub
3 Harvard Ave
Boston, MA, 02134