Mike Adams at His Honest Weight, Busman's Holiday, Other People

Mike Adams at His Honest Weight

Busman's Holiday

Other People

Tue 10.3.17

8:00 pm


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This event is 18 and over

Mike Adams at His Honest Weight
Mike Adams at His Honest Weight
Mike Adams - songs, singing
Zac Canale - Flying V
Bryant Fox - not Flying V
Kurt Friedrich - board-o-keys
Ben Lumsdaine - lums
Aaron Denton - båss
Jessica Adams - electric piano

album mixing magic by Adam Jessup
Busman's Holiday
Busman's Holiday
A Busman’s Holiday performance begins with the thump of kick-pedal on suitcase and the tuning of acoustic guitar strings, two affable brothers quietly considering where to take their audience first. They may begin with an exultant and driving harmony or a ballad in a melancholy mode, but not before they have laughed and shared stories with their audience, patient and cheerful, assuring the crowd that they are in good hands. As Lewis and Addison begin to sing, their voices together evoke the Southern Indiana where their music was born. One can’t help but feel the presence of the songs’ characters in the room beside you, the music offering intimate details from vivid strangers.

The Rogers brothers’ appeal has never been limited to a niche audience. Tested on the road for years, playing music at honky-tonks and roadhouses, moth-eaten lounges crawling with night creatures, punk palaces, last-wave folk huts, they’ve honed their skills and free-flowing banter to the point where they’ve been able to endear themselves to all corners.
Other People
Other People is Joe Streeter, Myke Cameron, and Rich Otero.
Venue Information:
O'Brien's Pub
3 Harvard Ave
Boston, MA, 02134