Grayskull Presents:


Faces Of Bayon, Glacier, Benthic Realm

Sat 9.16.17

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Taking the name Castle from his original concept of building a "Castle of the Mind", guitarist and songwriter Mat Davis has drawn on the heavy sound history of his native San Francisco to write an album that smashes the modern metal mold with thrash velocity, scorching psyched-out riffs, thunderous drumming and literate occultism on this 11-song, 44-minute debut.
Adding to the atmosphere of majestic doom, Elizabeth Blackwell's haunted, full-blooded vocals are electric witch hymns of death and madness that adapt lyrics from luminaries such as William Blake and Charles Baudelaire.

Rounding out the power trio, drummer Al McCartney balances bombastic and technical with brutal precision.

Line Up:
Mat Davis - guitar
Al McCartney - drums
Elizabeth Blackwell - vocals, bass
Faces Of Bayon
Faces Of Bayon
In the Autumn of 2008 Faces of Bayon was formed by Matt Smith (WarHorse, Engorged), Ron Miles (Scattered Remnants, Twelfth of Never), Nate Westerlind (Acephalus, Ratobasher, Kyklops), and Matthew Davis (Labryntheory, Twelfth of Never, Blackened Chapel). Matt Smith and Ron had been talking about forming a band that incorporated Doom metal but also had a psychedelic edge and they finally got together with Nate and started jamming. Matt Davis was recruited after about two jam sessions and the first line-up of Faces of Bayon was formed. In April 2009 Nate left the band and Faces of Bayon decided to continue on as a three-piece. Their debut album, "Heart of The Fire" was released on Ragnarok Records on June 28th, 2011. On January 23rd, 2011, Matt Davis unexpectedly left this earthly plane. He will be missed by his band mates and all of his friends and fans. If not for Matt, Faces of Bayon would not have become what it is today and the "Heart of the Fire" would not exist! R.I.P. Matt, you will NEVER be forgotten! On March 12th Mike Brown played his first show as drummer for Faces of Bayon and he was received kindly by the fans at Club Oasis in Worcester, MA. In May and June of 2013 the band recorded a new album at Black Coffee Sound. The album is currently on hold and hopefully will see the light of day sometime in 2014. In January 2014 Mike Brown announced he was leaving the band and on March 20th the band welcomed Mike Lenihan as their new drummer and played their first show with Mike on April 17th at Ralph's in Worcester, MA! Stay tuned to this page for the latest news on the state of Faces of Bayon.
Glacier is made up of five guys who like playing long, sad songs together.
Benthic Realm
Benthic Realm
Formed in July of 2016, Benthic Realm conjures melodies and crushing rhythms from the dark abyss. The trio consists of former Second Grave members Krista Van Guilder (WarHorse, Lucubro) on vocals/guitar and Maureen Murphy on bass, and Brian Banfield (The Scimitar, Blood Stone Sacrifice) on drums. No strangers to the New England Doom Metal scene, the band is preparing for their first appearance in Worcester in December of 2016.

While still crafting the band’s melodic doom metal sound, the group is actively writing new material and plan to hit the studio to record an EP in the coming months. Spring of 2017 will see the band actively booking shows in the New England area. Stay tuned, stay doomed.
Venue Information:
O'Brien's Pub
3 Harvard Ave
Boston, MA, 02134